10 tips for cooking pasta

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Make pasta, it's that simple. But acknowledge that it has pasta and pasta! To succeed to perfection, prepare your pasta in the state of the art, it's not more complicated. These 10 tips from the experts of the house will allow you to Barilla pasta like the pros.

A large volume of water
It takes a lot of water to cook pasta then use a large saucepan or pot with high sides. To avoid overflow during cooking, make sure the water level does not exceed 3/4 height.
1, 10, 100
Respect the rule of three digits: one, ten, one hundred! 1 liter of water, 10 g salt, 100 g pulp. But if you're watching your salt intake, put only 7 grams of salt.
Add salt after boiling
Add salt at the right time! Boil the water. Lower the flame, add a pinch of salt and
let it dissolve. We know, salt is essential for two reasons:
the flavor of pasta and contributes to their clothes. However, there is no need to add oil to pasta water.
All fired up, and no cover
It is imperative Cook pasta on high heat! Pour the pasta into boiling water and revive the flame to quickly bring water to a boil. Stir the pasta occasionally so that they
remain firm: Mix with a wooden spoon in the case of short pasta, or with
a large range if the pasta is long. Moreover, the pasta is cooking always short!
At the minute
For "Italian pasta" or "al dente", follow the cooking time indicated on the package of pasta. Remove one dough of water about a minute before the end of cooking time and cut it in half. If a white spot appears in the middle, your pasta is not quite cooked yet. Extend the cooking time until his death. Slightly translucent, while the pasta is "al dente" (to point).

Water outlet
Drain the pasta but not too much, because they might lose their "slippery."
Keep a little water
Keep two tablespoons of cooking water. You can use it to the sauce adheres better to the pasta, facilitate the preparation of pasta sautéed dense and dilute sauces.
For a pasta salad
To serve cold pasta salad, use the following method: drain the pasta, spread them in a large dish, pour a drizzle of olive oil, stir for a while, then let cool. Once the pasta has cooled, it remains only the seasoning in a bowl.
Cook pasta in advance, it is possible!
To prepare the pasta in advance, you should cook them half the time indicated, to cool completely, cover them with cellophane and put the dish in the refrigerator. This way you can eat pasta even 24 hours after having pre-cooked! It takes only 30 seconds to reheat in boiling water before serving.
The final touch that makes all
Do not miss the Spadellata step, the necessary finishing touches to the Italian (meaning of padella stove in Italian): Once cooked, drained pasta, mix with sauce or ingredients that accompany them in a pan on fire for about 1 minute. The flavors of the dish will be better highlighted and pasta are heated through before serving.
Bon appetit!


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